Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It is a legal requirement that all operators have recognised training for the equipment being used.

Yes. Under Health & Safety guidelines operators of forklift trucks should be retested at regular intervals, normally every 3 years.

Yes. Operators must be over the minimum school leaving age of 16, unless operating in dockyards where the minimum age limit is 18 years old.

Yes. On-site training is a good idea; it gives operators practice in their own working environment.

No. A driving licence for a car is not needed unless forklifts are being driven on the public road.

The maximum amount of candidates that can attend a course is three.

This is the person that directs the operation for drivers of cranes or whilst reversing or manoeuvring larger vehicles on a work site.  The Banksman is the eyes and ears of the vehicle driver.  The Vehicle banksman communicates to the driver either via standardised hand signals or via a radio.

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''This firm is very professional. He instructs in a way that each individual understands. If anyone is struggling he will put in that extra effort and willing to sacrifice his own time after hours to make sure they pass. I would definitely book another course with is firm if I ever needed one.''
Dewi J
''An absolute pleasure to train with, helpful advice and guidance where needed definitely recommend to anyone wishing to gain knowledge and develop their skills. Thank you again. My trainer Ryan was in hand to support me through the whole process, professional and down to earth.''​
Lorraine D