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Harness and Fall Arrest

​​​​Course Aim 

To provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the hazards associated with using and wearing harnesses. To have a working knowledge of how the various and to carry out an effective pre use check. 

Course Contents

  • ​Introduction
  • Harness Varieties
  • Lanyard Varieties
  • Hierarchy Categories
  • Fall Arrest / Work Position / Restraint Systems
  • Equipment Strengths
  • Safety Inspections & Storage
  • CE & EN Markings
  • Traceability
  • Theoretical Assessment
  • Fitting the Equipment
  • Course Evaluation

Assessment Method

Associated Knowledge Test (5 open and 20 multiple choice questions), Pre Use Test and Practical Test of Basic Operating Skills 

Additional Information

Max number of trainees – 6 

Length of Certification – 3 Years 

Duration – Dependant on Experience and number of trainees on course. 


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